23rd Annual Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival

Welcome to the capstone event of the 23rd Annual Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival! Nov 16-18. In my second year at this distinctive venue, I have worked tirelessly to bring you a collection of work that speaks for the wild side of our world.


“Golden Hunter” 36″x24″ oil on linen

Painting Boats with Confidence

Learn how to tackle the subtle art of painting watercraft in beautiful Thomasville, GA. Painting Boats with Confidence is a two day intensive that unlocks the secrets to painting beautiful boats. 

When: Feb 23-24 at 9-4:00

Where: Thomasville Center for the Arts in Studio 209. 

Cost: $150 plus $30 to “show up and paint”


Waive $30 fee and bring your own supplies.

Sign up HERE

You may paint in oils or acrylics.

Painting Boats with Confidence Supply Lists. The lists below are intended as a guide for beginning painters. If you already have painting supplies, please refer to the lists to be sure your have your basic supplies covered.





“Peloponnese Mist” 16″x20″, oil on canvas, $1,600



New Workshop- Painting Birds with Confidence

I am excited to offer a new workshop that will give you the information you need to paint birds. I have designed this experience to deliver crucial insight that will fundamentally improve your understanding of our feathered friends. Your drawing and painting will demonstrate your new knowledge 

This workshop is available in Fairhope, AL and Valdosta, GA.

For more information and to sign up for “Painting Birds with Confidence” in Fairhope, AL on Feb 2-3 at the Eastern Shore Art Center, click here.

For more information and to sign up for “Painting Birds with Confidence” in Valdosta, GA on March 16-17, click here or call at 229-247-2787

“A Raptor’s Aerie” 24″x36″, Oil on Linen

“Solitary and Secretive” 24″x36″, oil on Linen

“Sandpiper’s Mirror” 24″x36″, oil on Linen


Here are my new works for Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival 2017! I am proud to be a part of it. This preview is exclusive to those who follow my website postings. Thank you and I hope to see you there:)

“Fall Call” 24″x36″ oil on Linen

“Gobbler in the Field” oil on Panel, 11″x14″

“Hen in the Meadow” 11″x14″, oil on Panel

“Lowcountry Ibis” 16″x 30″, oil on Linen

“On Orchard Pond” 18″x24″, oil on Linen

“Egret at Dusk” 18″x24″, oil on Linen

“Exit Sun, Stage Left” 24″x36″, oil on Linen

“Edge of Paradise” 24″x36″, Oil on Linen

“Graceful Warrior” 24″x36″, Oil on Linen

“Night Fall” 24″x36″ oil on Linen

“The Curious Ones” 24″x36″ oil on Linen

“A Raptor’s Aerie” 24″x36″, Oil on Linen

“Solitary and Secretive” 24″x36″, oil on Linen

“Hunting in the Marsh” 24″x36″, oil on Linen

“Sandpiper’s Mirror” 24″x36″, oil on Linen


Anchors Away in Fairhope!

Painting Boats with Confidence in Fairhope was a great success! Thanks to old and new students and friends. Special thanks to Eastern Shore Art Center,  Leanne Pearson, new Academy Director, and Bryant Galloway Whelan, new Executive Director. I look forward to many returns to Fairhope to visit and teach, starting with my next workshop on Painting Birds with Confidence on Feb 2-3.

My students remind me at times like this how lucky we are to be a part of making the world a beautiful place to be.

Last Workshop of 2017

“Painting Boats with Confidence” was a big success in Valdosta! Big thanks to the Turner Center for the Arts and my students. I am teaching the workshop in Fairhope, Alabama at the Eastern Shore Art Center  on November 9-10. “All aboard Mates”!! Sign up today at this LINK !


Painting Boats with Confidence Workshops

Discover secrets to painting boats and getting it right! Last chance to sign up!


Nov 3-4, 9-4:00 Painting Boats with Confidence at the Turner Art Center in Valdosta, GA. Click this LINK to sign up:)

Nov 9-10, 9-4:00 Painting Boats with Confidence at the Eastern Shore Art Center in Fairhope, AL Click this LINK for more information and to register.

Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival!!!!!

I will be an exhibiting artist at the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival this November in Thomasville GA. I am very excited about being accepted to this very prestigious show.

Click HERE for more information about PWAF


“Solitary and Secretive” from the Emerald Domain Series 24″x36″ oil on linen

Studies from Greece

Here is a selection of small studies from my recents travels to Greece. They are painted on Gessoed Hardboard.


Greek Taverna, 6″x6″ oil on Panel

Fishing Boats of Hydra, Sunlit oils on Panel, 6”x6″

Port of Hydra by Starlight, oil on panel, 6”x6”

Fishing Boats of Hydra at Dusk, oil on panel, 6”x6”

Orange Boat of Mykonos, oil on panel, 8”x10

Little Venice, oil on panel, 8”x10

Greek Monastery, oil on panel, 8”x10

Old Man and his Son and the Sea, oil on panel, 8”x10

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