Painting Boats with Confidence! New Workshop!

 Learn how to tackle the subtle art of painting watercraft. For your convenance, I am teaching this upcoming workshop in two different locations. 

Nov 3-4, 9-4:00 Painting Boats with Confidence at the Turner Art Center in Valdosta, GA. Please contact Bill Shenton at or call 229-247-2787 for more details

Nov 9-10, 9-4:00 Painting Boats with Confidence at the Eastern Shore Art Center in Fairhope, AL Click this LINK for more information and to register.

Summertime Blues

Went to the Bradfordville Blues Club last night. James Armstrong was killing’ it. It is real nice to surround yourself with experiences that fuel creativity. His Chicago Blues hit the spot. I did this pen and ink sketch live during the performance of James looking’ sly. I love it when work and fun are so seamlessly interwoven. 

Check out this video of James interacting with the ladies in the audience below;)






Fun and Learning at Workshop

I  just finished the “Painting Water with Confidence” workshop at the Turner Art Center in Valdosta GA. Eight courageous students and I dove into the material with enthusiasm and gusto. Thank you Turner Art Center and to my wonderful students.

I am planning new workshops as an extension to this “Painting with Confidence” series. Stay tuned for more details.

“Painting Water with Confidence” Workshop Nearly Full, Reserve space Today

There are 2 spots remaining for my  Turner Center Workshop Friday-Saturday, July 14-15. I am excited to provide this 2 day Intensive. I will be providing my photos taken  locally and from my recent travels in Greece for you to work from. Please contact Bill Shenton at the Turner center for the Arts in Valdosta today to reserve your spots and get your supply list.


July 14-15, 9am-4pm

Class Fee: $200

For Registration call 229-247-2787

Students may use Oils or Acrylics

Valdosta Workshop July 14-15

Vessels of Light in Valdosta

Come visit beautiful Valdosta Georgia and see my new show “Vessels of Light” at the Turner Center for the Arts. The Show may be viewed from June 12-July 26 in Josette’s Gallery at the Turner Art Center.

Vessels  act to transport and convey substances… be they ceramic amphorae for olive oil, wooden trawlers for sailors and their harvest, or the network within us that delivers oxygen and nutrients to our body. 

This selection of paintings are vessels that carry the story that light tells as it illuminates our world.

I have been personally inspired to share this story as a way of sharing moments I feel are meaningful. As we hurtle through space and our lives, I believe simple moments of beauty and wonder are profound gifts. As I create these images, I try to slow that inertia and distill it into a medium that we may pause in front of. These paintings are my way of suggesting that our lives are filled with many such moments and that our lives are enriched by the acknowledgment of that beauty.

“Vessel of Light in Opal” 10″x8″ oil on Panel

Windmills of Mykonos

Greetings from Mykonos, an island of constant winds. Greek civilizations have a long history of clever utilization of resources. The windmills of Mykonos are scenic as well. I am here drawing these picturesque and useful buildings on a bluff which overlooks the harbor. I enjoy the white buildings of this town. It is quite surreal. The white buildings serve a very practical purpose as well. The sunlight is reflected instead of being absorbed. This greatly reduces the heat city dwellers must endure, especially in places that receive a great deal of sun. Come see me and my sketchbook at my upcoming show “Vessels of Light” at the Turner Center for the Arts on June 12 in Valdosta GA  from 5-7PM


Drawing in Hydra, Greece

There is much beauty in Greece. I am currently on an odyssey of discovery in this country of deep roots, humbling accomplishments and incredible beauty. I recently had a fantastic unplanned lunch with a car mechanic and his close friend. He told me that he thought God must be Greek, because, like Hercules, no matter what trials are presented, his people never lose their love for sharing good food, wine and laughter with friends. This has been the essence of my experience here so far. 

With my sketch book and my camera  as my constant companion, I am chronicling my experiences here. I return for the opening of my solo show at the Turner Center for the Arts on June 12 in Valdosta GA from 6-8:00.  I will have 21 paintings on display and will also offer a first glimpse at my sketchbook which will be available for viewing .

Sketching at the Acropolis

The Acropolis overlooks Athens. This Ancient promontory has attracted attention since ancient times due to its vantage point and natural springs. The Parthenon and associated structures were wonders when built and the incredible engineering and artistic achievements remain a true wonder. Work on preservation of the ruins is perhaps as worthy of respect as the original conception and construction.


I expected to go there and try to imagine the grandeur of a civilization whose achievements remain mostly lost to antiquity.  The scope, beauty and genius of the site remains humbling and inspiring. 

Just north of the Parthenon on the Acropolis is the Erechthion. This on-site sketch of the Erechthion offered me a rare opportunity to engage with the structure and I remain in a sense of wonder hours later.

The Acropolis Museum just below the Acropolis houses the six sculpted female figures, or Korai that  support the south porch of the Erechthion in place of columns. Cast reproductions are in place in the actual structure. 

As an aside, the Olive tree on the left of the structure it is thought be the same tree to provide shade for Socrates as he offered discourse on philosophy and science and laid the groundwork for much of western philosophy. 


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