Upcoming Solo Show

Join me for my One Man Show at the Turner Center for the Arts in Valdosta, GA entitled “Vessels of Light” opening June 12th.

Works will range from still lines to landscapes to depictions of Jazz musicians. 

Vessels act to transport and convey substances… Be they ceramic amphorae for olive oil, wooden trawlers for sailors and their harvest or the network within us that delivers oxygen and nutrients to our body. 

This selection of paintings are vessels that carry the story that light tells as it illuminates our world.

I have been personally inspired to share this story as a way of sharing moments I feel are meaningful. As we hurtle through space and our lives, I believe simple moments of beauty and wonder are profound gifts. As I create these images, I try to slow that inertia and distill it into a medium that we may pause in front of. These paintings are my way of suggesting that our lives are filled with many such moments and that our lives are enriched by the acknowledgment of that beauty.










Allison Farms Plein Air- Fun and Learning

I encourage my students to consider the act of plein air painting as more than painting out of doors with the breezes and fresh air. The act of painting outside provides the opportunity for artists to use all five senses to soak up the experience. What we bring back….. the sketches, drawn and painted, the photo reference and the memories can contribute to a richer experience back in the studio. 

I would like to express special thanks to Randy and Susan Allison for the generous use of their property. The weather was exquisite and gorgeous sweeping panoramas and bucolic bliss made for a memorable event. 

New Class in Thomasville

Press release in the Thomasville Times Enterprise

Jordan Barela, reporter from the Thomasville Times Enterprise stopped by my studio at 209 West Remington Ave here in Thomasville during my latest workshop, “Painting Water with Confidence”. I am thrilled to share it with you as well. See the following link. I would like to personally invite you to come visit as well. I am working here much of the time, so you can just stop by, or you can send a text to confirm. 251-586-2254

Thank you Jordan for the studio visit. Thank you Thomasville for your welcome reception and thank you Thomasville Center for the Arts for making all this possible. I am thriving in this community and am thrilled to show my gratitude in my teaching and works.
Click here to read the Portrait of an Artist Article


Victorian Plein Air Christmas


Great time painting at night in Thomasville, GA for their Victorian Christmas event, Dec 8-9th. Great crowds, violinists to my left , Jazz music filtering from across the street, aroma of festival food and the ring of a blacksmith’s hammer as he gave demonstrations to the crowd. I had so much fun painting and meeting people I didn’t notice the cold.


Victorian Christmas in Thomasville, 11″x14″ oil on panel

New Works Updated

I have just added multiple New Works . I hope you enjoy






Newest Plein Air Painting

8"x10" Oil on Panel, $350

“Relics Antiques”, 8″x10″ Oil on Panel, $350 SOLD



For the First time ever, I am allowing sales of select original Oil paintings directly my website. Be the first to take advantage of this opportunity.

Cotton Pickin’ Plein Air Paint-out this Weekend

Open Invite to join me and some fabulous Artists In the Thomasville and Boston GA as we paint historic towns and plantations. Sale afterwards…… See flier for details!!!!cottonpickinitinerary

“Music as Muse” Public Reception

Come see me, and many other artist expressing music in their chosen mediums of visual art! Art and music share an aesthetic language. Terms like rhythm, harmony, texture, improvisation, and tonality are equally descriptive in both disciplines. There is a synergy between these methods of creative expression and the Music as Muse exhibition will showcase how music can serve as inspiration for works of art.
October 14, 2016
Friday Evening 6 pm – 7:30 pm
Public reception and awards announcement
(Exhibition open to the public from September 28-November 14, 2016; M-F 8am-5pm)
300 S Adams St
Tallahassee, FL, United States


“In The Mood”, 24″x30″ oil on Linen

“Rise Up Singing”, 24″x30″ oil on Linen

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