23rd Annual Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival

Welcome to the capstone event of the 23rd Annual Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival! Nov 16-18. In my second year at this distinctive venue, I have worked tirelessly to bring you a collection of work that speaks for the wild side of our world.


“Golden Hunter” 36″x24″ oil on linen

Painting Boats with Confidence

Learn how to tackle the subtle art of painting watercraft in beautiful Thomasville, GA. Painting Boats with Confidence is a two day intensive that unlocks the secrets to painting beautiful boats. 

When: Feb 23-24 at 9-4:00

Where: Thomasville Center for the Arts in Studio 209. 

Cost: $150 plus $30 to “show up and paint”


Waive $30 fee and bring your own supplies.

Sign up HERE

You may paint in oils or acrylics.

Painting Boats with Confidence Supply Lists. The lists below are intended as a guide for beginning painters. If you already have painting supplies, please refer to the lists to be sure your have your basic supplies covered.





“Peloponnese Mist” 16″x20″, oil on canvas, $1,600




Here are my new works for Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival 2017! I am proud to be a part of it. This preview is exclusive to those who follow my website postings. Thank you and I hope to see you there:)

“Fall Call” 24″x36″ oil on Linen

“Gobbler in the Field” oil on Panel, 11″x14″

“Hen in the Meadow” 11″x14″, oil on Panel

“Lowcountry Ibis” 16″x 30″, oil on Linen

“On Orchard Pond” 18″x24″, oil on Linen

“Egret at Dusk” 18″x24″, oil on Linen

“Exit Sun, Stage Left” 24″x36″, oil on Linen

“Edge of Paradise” 24″x36″, Oil on Linen

“Graceful Warrior” 24″x36″, Oil on Linen

“Night Fall” 24″x36″ oil on Linen

“The Curious Ones” 24″x36″ oil on Linen

“A Raptor’s Aerie” 24″x36″, Oil on Linen

“Solitary and Secretive” 24″x36″, oil on Linen

“Hunting in the Marsh” 24″x36″, oil on Linen

“Sandpiper’s Mirror” 24″x36″, oil on Linen


Allison Farms Plein Air- Fun and Learning

I encourage my students to consider the act of plein air painting as more than painting out of doors with the breezes and fresh air. The act of painting outside provides the opportunity for artists to use all five senses to soak up the experience. What we bring back….. the sketches, drawn and painted, the photo reference and the memories can contribute to a richer experience back in the studio. 

I would like to express special thanks to Randy and Susan Allison for the generous use of their property. The weather was exquisite and gorgeous sweeping panoramas and bucolic bliss made for a memorable event. 

New Class in Thomasville

Press release in the Thomasville Times Enterprise

Jordan Barela, reporter from the Thomasville Times Enterprise stopped by my studio at 209 West Remington Ave here in Thomasville during my latest workshop, “Painting Water with Confidence”. I am thrilled to share it with you as well. See the following link. I would like to personally invite you to come visit as well. I am working here much of the time, so you can just stop by, or you can send a text to confirm. 251-586-2254

Thank you Jordan for the studio visit. Thank you Thomasville for your welcome reception and thank you Thomasville Center for the Arts for making all this possible. I am thriving in this community and am thrilled to show my gratitude in my teaching and works.
Click here to read the Portrait of an Artist Article


Victorian Plein Air Christmas


Great time painting at night in Thomasville, GA for their Victorian Christmas event, Dec 8-9th. Great crowds, violinists to my left , Jazz music filtering from across the street, aroma of festival food and the ring of a blacksmith’s hammer as he gave demonstrations to the crowd. I had so much fun painting and meeting people I didn’t notice the cold.


Victorian Christmas in Thomasville, 11″x14″ oil on panel

Project 185 Liberty Painting

I have recently been awarded an artist in Residency at Thomasville Center for the Arts. One of the first projects has been taking part in the celebration of Thomasville’s 185th Anniversary. The challenge below details the parameters of the project.

Artist Collective at Grassroots Coffee September 19, 2016 – January 13, 2017

Grassroots Coffee  •  118 South Broad Street, Thomasville, GA

Project: 185 is moving into the third installment of the three-part exhibition series, celebrating Thomasville’s incorporation as a city 185 years ago.  The third installment, “We the People”, depicts the camaraderie and spirit of the Thomasville community through the artwork of six members of the “Artist Collective Thomasville”.

Collective Members were each given a section of the Preamble to the Constitution, concentrating on the concepts Union, Justice, Tranquility, Defense, Welfare and Liberty. Each artist will depict through their art how they believe these concepts relate to Thomasville.

My contribution aims to showcase Liberty. The richness demonstrated in the arts and humanities are excellent indicators of a towns “liberty”.  I am going to paint vignettes relating to the arts Thomasville has showcased. These images will seem to emerge organically from a silhouette of our Big Oak. Painted words within the painting propose that the “Arts flourish on the Milk of Liberty”

I completed this 4′ x4′ painting through 2 weeks of conceptualizing, two days of layout design, one afternoon of transferring design to panel and 3 days of painting in public at Grassroots coffee.  The original oil painting is for sale for $500. Purchase option coming soon.


Head to the Collective website to meet “We the People” artists and view their work!


Sketches From Life

I have made a commitment to sketch frequently and from Life. Their is an immediacy there. The Limited time frame compiles me to work with efficiency and economy. What I find is that my work time and observations are not rushed, but become very goal oriented and prioritized. Drawing distills a concept to its bones, and provides the architecture upon which paintings are born.

Graphite, 11"x14"

Sketch from Live Jazz Performance, Graphite, 11″x14″

Sketch from Live Jazz Performance, Graphite, 11"x14"

Sketch from Live Jazz Performance, Graphite, 11″x14″

Sketch From Life, 11"x14"

Sketch From Life, 11″x14″

15 minute Sketch from Life, 8"x11"

15 minute Sketch from Life, 8″x11″

Sketch From Life, graphite, 8"x11"

Sketch From Life, graphite, 8″x11″

Sketch from Life, graphite, 8"x11"

Sketch from Life, graphite, 8″x11″

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