Nature in the Raw

My return to the panhandle of Florida, where I grew up and lived until the age of 25, has been a time of particular challenge for me and also reassertion. I am now approaching 47. I have spent a great deal of energy recently in primitive camping in an “Eno” hammock in some of the most spectacular natural settings here in Florida. Depicted here are paintings depicting the Wacissa River and the unsurpassed pristine barrier Island St. Vincent Island. These natural places offer a glimpse of nature “unimproved” by man. Spending much time in these these environments presents a challenge to me. I am more accustomed to quick day trips followed by a welcome return to air conditioning and hot meals, but perhaps it is best that these areas are difficult for us overstay our welcome.


Wacissa at Dusk in June 24″x18″ oil on Linen



Edge of Paradise, 24″x30″ oil on Linen

Spoonbill Madness

Not really supposed to get Roseate Spoonbills in Tallahassee Florida, but I couldn’t help but notice the pink spots in the lakes of Kilearn neat Bradfordville Road. I guess the weather has been a bit confusing to them as well!┬áThe were very accommodating subjects. I would also like to give thanks to the supporting cast of snowy egrets:)IMG_1394



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