Instructor: Ron Thomson


Location: Southern Exposure Art Gallery 694-3 Industrial Drive Tallahassee FL 32310

Launch Date: May 21, 2016

Class Time: Saturdays  9-12. Medium: oils or acrylics at preference of participant. Please note that Ron Thomson will be demonstrating in oils.

Cost: $30

This newly expanded class is a pragmatic approach to accessing discoveries into the mysteries of light, color and how to unify our painting through “passages”.  I would like to further expand the focus to include new insight into dramatically developing depth in shadows and creating tactile luminous forms that compel your viewers to believe your illusion.

To sign up for classes, please contact Ron Thomson at

Supply List for Luminous Passages


  • Palette Knife – medium size “diamond” shape
  • Brushes – White Bristle Brushes for oils.  If painting in acrylics, you may want a synthetic brush in Flats or Filberts in a range of sizes form small to 1½ inches wide.
  • Paper Towels: Brawny or Viva
  • Pre-stretched canvases in sizes ranging from 11”x14” to 18”x24”
  • Palette Holder – Masterson  Palette. If using oils, please don’t get the “stay-wet” masterson palette holder as that one is for acrylics.
  • Palette – pad of waxed disposable palette sheets. I strongly recommend “gray Matters” brand. I f you already have a wooden or tempered glass palette, bring that.
  • Odorless mineral spirits – get this from an art store, not the hardware store. Not for use with acrylic paints.
  • Mason Jar – wide mouthed quart for mineral spirits or water or you can purchase a higher priced artists mineral spirits container, but they tend to leak if tipped. If you are painting in acrylics, any large cup or jar will do.
  • Oil or acrylic paints – Titanium white (150-200 ml tube), yellow ochre, lemon yellow, cadmium red light, magenta or rose, ultramarine blue, pthalo green and burnt umber. Gamblin, Winsor & newton, utrecht, golden(acrylic), lukas (1862 series) and Richeson are good brands at reasonable prices. Beware of the cheap stuff!
  • Source material – As artists, we may find particular joy in painting particular subject matter. I enjoy using my own photographs. I find that using photographs that I have personally shot gives me “ownership” of the work. This is not a requirement for the class, but I encourage you to begin gathering photographs that speak to you. I will have a limited collection of photographs you may use as well.
  • Extra Suggested Items:
  • Something to transport your art stuff: Tool box, mop bucket, rolling “supply transport”, etc

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