Press release in the Thomasville Times Enterprise

Jordan Barela, reporter from the Thomasville Times Enterprise stopped by my studio at 209 West Remington Ave here in Thomasville during my latest workshop, “Painting Water with Confidence”. I am thrilled to share it with you as well. See the following link. I would like to personally invite you to come visit as well. I am working here much of the time, so you can just stop by, or you can send a text to confirm. 251-586-2254

Thank you Jordan for the studio visit. Thank you Thomasville for your welcome reception and thank you Thomasville Center for the Arts for making all this possible. I am thriving in this community and am thrilled to show my gratitude in my teaching and works.
Click here to read the Portrait of an Artist Article



  1. Glad to hear you are thriving. Gorgeous painting!

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