Here are my new works for Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival 2017! I am proud to be a part of it. This preview is exclusive to those who follow my website postings. Thank you and I hope to see you there:)

“Fall Call” 24″x36″ oil on Linen

“Gobbler in the Field” oil on Panel, 11″x14″

“Hen in the Meadow” 11″x14″, oil on Panel

“Lowcountry Ibis” 16″x 30″, oil on Linen

“On Orchard Pond” 18″x24″, oil on Linen

“Egret at Dusk” 18″x24″, oil on Linen

“Exit Sun, Stage Left” 24″x36″, oil on Linen

“Edge of Paradise” 24″x36″, Oil on Linen

“Graceful Warrior” 24″x36″, Oil on Linen

“Night Fall” 24″x36″ oil on Linen

“The Curious Ones” 24″x36″ oil on Linen

“A Raptor’s Aerie” 24″x36″, Oil on Linen

“Solitary and Secretive” 24″x36″, oil on Linen

“Hunting in the Marsh” 24″x36″, oil on Linen

“Sandpiper’s Mirror” 24″x36″, oil on Linen



  1. Helen Trammell says:

    Ron! These recent works are delightful jewels reflecting natures beauty! What pleasure viewing each one…what joy they will bring to someones home. Paint on!

  2. Wonderful works! Absolutely LOVE that dragonfly!! Such diaphanous wings you have captured!! Awesome display! Can’t wait to go there and see them in person!

  3. Stunning!

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