Drawing in Hydra, Greece

There is much beauty in Greece. I am currently on an odyssey of discovery in this country of deep roots, humbling accomplishments and incredible beauty. I recently had a fantastic unplanned lunch with a car mechanic and his close friend. He told me that he thought God must be Greek, because, like Hercules, no matter what trials are presented, his people never lose their love for sharing good food, wine and laughter with friends. This has been the essence of my experience here so far. 

With my sketch book and my camera  as my constant companion, I am chronicling my experiences here. I return for the opening of my solo show at the Turner Center for the Arts on June 12 in Valdosta GA from 6-8:00.  I will have 21 paintings on display and will also offer a first glimpse at my sketchbook which will be available for viewing .


  1. How Exciting!!!! I’ll be there for your opening! Great photo here of the artist at work!

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