“Educere”: To Draw out from Within


Many animals are born with incredible advantages over humans. Horses walk within minutes, baby alligators can catch frogs, vipers can bite and inject vemon and birds learn to fly and then migrate to places they have never visited within a few months of hatching, etc… Humans, on the the other hand, need between 1 ½-2½ decades to mature and fend for themselves.  In case we need additional challenges, we have developed civilizations that require endless and constantly changing stores of knowledge and skills necassary to be “successful”!  This is called “Recieving an Education”


“Bluebirds in Spring” 8×10, oil on panel


Let us consider this a moment. ‘Education’ is derived from the Latin root ‘educo’ meaning to ‘educe’- to draw out……. not “fill up”.I have been a painting teacher, offering classes and workshops, for 10 years. The ability to describe and demonstrate the process of creating art is an essential part of teaching art. But my goal is not just to teach the individual processes. My goal is to inspire my students to become creators in a world focused on consumtion and replication . What if we were able to approach art as a hunt for new answers each time we draw or paint in an effort to express each individual moment of inspiration. Art offers the possibility to pause in our ” hurry and catchup” existance and have a unique voice. If this sounds like an epic struggle against a life as a mere computer in a need of the latest update, I pose a consideration…

It is my view that much of what we do has the potential to be art. Cooking dinner, planting a garden, communication with those you love and raising a family are all forms of creation if we approach them with a mindfulness of how each moment in our lives is unique. Painting and drawing is just one of the many vehicles we can explore the moments of our lives in and I invite you to join me!



  1. Don Stock says:

    Hi Ron. met you today (Sat Dec 4) at Tommys tudio space. I love your work. Saw a few thing on Darlenes facebook page as well. Your family is amazingly talented!

    Don Stock
    Tallahassee, Fl

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