Sketching at the Acropolis

The Acropolis overlooks Athens. This Ancient promontory has attracted attention since ancient times due to its vantage point and natural springs. The Parthenon and associated structures were wonders when built and the incredible engineering and artistic achievements remain a true wonder. Work on preservation of the ruins is perhaps as worthy of respect as the original conception and construction.


I expected to go there and try to imagine the grandeur of a civilization whose achievements remain mostly lost to antiquity.  The scope, beauty and genius of the site remains humbling and inspiring. 

Just north of the Parthenon on the Acropolis is the Erechthion. This on-site sketch of the Erechthion offered me a rare opportunity to engage with the structure and I remain in a sense of wonder hours later.

The Acropolis Museum just below the Acropolis houses the six sculpted female figures, or Korai that  support the south porch of the Erechthion in place of columns. Cast reproductions are in place in the actual structure. 

As an aside, the Olive tree on the left of the structure it is thought be the same tree to provide shade for Socrates as he offered discourse on philosophy and science and laid the groundwork for much of western philosophy. 



  1. That is so amazing and informative! I am delighted that you have the opportunity to visit these ancient sites! Your drawing evokes a feeling of power and strength! I’m certain you have captured an essence which one feels when there in person. Even though I have never seen it, I sense that feeling through your drawing. Wonderful!

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