Vessels of Light in Valdosta

Come visit beautiful Valdosta Georgia and see my new show “Vessels of Light” at the Turner Center for the Arts. The Show may be viewed from June 12-July 26 in Josette’s Gallery at the Turner Art Center.

Vessels  act to transport and convey substances… be they ceramic amphorae for olive oil, wooden trawlers for sailors and their harvest, or the network within us that delivers oxygen and nutrients to our body. 

This selection of paintings are vessels that carry the story that light tells as it illuminates our world.

I have been personally inspired to share this story as a way of sharing moments I feel are meaningful. As we hurtle through space and our lives, I believe simple moments of beauty and wonder are profound gifts. As I create these images, I try to slow that inertia and distill it into a medium that we may pause in front of. These paintings are my way of suggesting that our lives are filled with many such moments and that our lives are enriched by the acknowledgment of that beauty.

“Vessel of Light in Opal” 10″x8″ oil on Panel

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